Rambling and ranting, volume 4.

Dear reader,


Before I started telling about my day, I’d like to apologise the long intervals between the published texts; I have been a bit busy, I have been writing but didn’t remember to put them online. Well, Today 11th Oct. I have posted them, as you can see. I wanted to fix most blatant errors and make reasonable conclusions, and then I just happened to forget them. In (the unfortunate) case someone actually bothers to read my worthless scribbling, my apologies for the inconvenience. Oh wait, according the statistics, no one has actually red my blog, thank heavens for that one; I hate to stalk and especially be stalked.

Fifth lesson was once again… alright, I suppose. But there is one thing that made me really frustrated. Remember summary of the article I mentioned in “Rambling and ranting, volume 2”? First I lost the original on I had written with pencil. After that I wrote the second one with Microsoft Word which I tried to post to my lecturer via e-mail but the Inbox didn’t send it (I should have double-checked). Yesterday, 10th Oct. I realised the message wasn’t sent, so I naturally tried to write a new message and attach the file but, how surprising, the file had vanished. So naturally, in great haste I had to write third one, which I was eventually able to send (and yes, the lecturer received it this time). What a bloody pain… Today I got my summary back, and I was shocked of all the red markings on it, and I confess my blood pressure started soaring. Well, I have to get over it, pay attention to my errors and learn about them. I am a beginner when it comes to writing academic texts in English; as one of my teammates pointed out, it is quite a different thing to read academic articles in English and make e.g. a summary or an essay in your mother language compared to fulfilling the same task in different one. I just have to “bite the bullet” (oh bloody Hell, another example of American influence).

Oh, back to the topic, the fifth lesson. Actually it would be sixth lesson, but we had one cancelled so today’s lesson was fifth. Anyway, we focused on common errors within the Finnish people; the influence of foreign language to another. We were given sheets with 30 phrases of typical Finnish influenced mistakes and were told to fix them to the right form, although one was correctly written to make a task of fixing the misspelled ones to more challenging. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to identify and fix the vast majority of the errors. Well done, I thought. Then we had to select a sentence from the articles we had brought with us today and include it as a quotation, after which we were introduced to Modern Language Association (MLA) by distributing us sheets filled with MLA rules and see if we would change anything of our quotations, to my surprise my sentence with quotation was quite according to the rules. The MLA in nutshell: the basic rules of scientific writing from formatting and citations to the notes and so forth. This might be quite handy in future, at least I hope so.

For the next time we have to discuss in groups about our independent work, the lecturer will also be monitoring. What am I supposed to say? I have this far been able to keep myself on the schedule, so it shouldn’t be a major issue. But we will see…


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