Ranting and rambling, volume 1.

Dear reader,

Whoever you might be, I’d first like to apologize for the following statement: I feel repulsive about these blogs and writing blogs in generally. Why is that, you might ask. Well, there is no simple answer; I just simply hate to share information about myself via social media or internet, even if written with a pseudonym; I happen to know a few examples of writings taken off their original context and been used against the writer. The information considers my thoughts etc. This is nothing personal to you, dear reader. You might also realized this far I haven’t yet joined to Facebook, and if I someday will, I am quite sure I will be using a pseudonym instead of my real name (trust me; I happen to have a few quite unpleasant acquaintances who have joined the hype like lambs. They are not unpleasant because they’d joined FB, but because their personalities and I do not wish to have link of any kind with them at all). But this is related to my English course, so it is obligatory.

How do I feel about this course I have enrolled to? Quite neutral or  a bit positive, actually; I’ve attended only the first lesson this far, although two lessons have already passed (I missed the second on due the most important initiation rite we hold for the freshmen, and me with my surpluses were somewhat vital to make the best of it, so I consider my absence reasonable). The first lesson was quite simple; divided in small groups, getting to know each other and random chatting, as well as writing a short profile about ourselves (what do we major in, why choosing the said subject etc.) and  having a conversation about ourselves. Quite relaxed lesson, even if we must had to use English only.

You might want to know the background behind the name of my blog, “F’dupland”? Whether you do or not, I will enlighten you. I happen to know a few Scottish lads and every time we meet, I have something new to complain about Finland, my fatherland. After a certain ranting about the social issues whilst we were having a few pints of craft beer, I spat out to finish my ranting: “Finland? More like a f***edup-land!” And yes, the word starting with letter “F” is a four-lettered profanity used as a euphemism of sexual intercourse. Here’s also some useful information; in Swedish language word “fin” translates in English as “good” or “fine”, thus word “Finland” would equal a “Fine land”. I know the etymology of word “Finland” isn’t related to Swedish word “fin”, but it is quite ironic occurrence, isn’t it? That’s a good joke; some nobleman thinking about this swamp-ridden (oh, believe me, there was a huge amount of swamps and marshland till the mid-19th century) territory with numerous of lakes to make traveling a living nightmare with a pack of odd people of some hostile tribe, the Finns (that’s actually where the etymology of word “Finland” comes from, as far as I happen to know). Some more useful information; in Finnish, the word “Finland” is “Suomi”, with word “suo” translating as “swamp” (and  yes, I know  the etymology; “Suomi” is derivate of proto-Baltic word “zseme”, translating as “land” or “soil”). But the coincidence is just too funny to be left unnoticed!

Granted, I do not consider this land to be a God-forsaken rat hole and yes, there are numerous of good things but how about improving those rotten things? Some people complain that we Finns aren’t the most affectionate persons and I think it’s quite true, taking a look back to the first lesson, for example; everyone remains quiet until the lecturer instructs us to chat with each other, after which a random person of the group sighs quietly and breaks the ice (in my group, that was my role). We do not open our hearts so easily; for example, it took me quite a few conversations to know that a student colleague of mine was in the same regiment as I during his conscription. This is how it happens: several conversations during various recurring situations (e.g. whilst pumping iron in the gym and happen to chat with other random customers, or in some random course etc.). We do not just randomly chat with some totally strangers in the middle of the street (exception being you have something urgent, e.g. you ask someone what time is it), but it doesn’t make us racist either; I had this quite unpleasant encountering with some American idiot who considered us all being racists just because he had stopped some woman on the street asking her name to which she refused to respond (oh, believe me, the said Yankee was a total nincompoop, but I will tell more about this fellow and the situation in some other posting). Even being quite developed country with good properties, I’d like to point out I am aware there are quite a few things to be improved; we have the questionable honor to be even more violent nation compared to Spain when it comes to domestic violence, rates of people with a minimum income have soared since 1989 (even if the nation itself, according to propaganda of our prime minister, is wealthier than ever)… I know reasons behind this unfortunate development aren’t simple ones and are being related to deindustrialization as well as structural changes within the industries and livelihood, but I’m worried of the right-wing populists taking the full advantage of the situation and the frustrated ones; e.g.  racially motivated violence has increased (dear reader, trust me, I will be ranting about racism on its global status during some other posting, for I feel I have quite a lot to say about racial discrimination, not only in Finnish context).

Well… I think this is it for now, I really need to get some protein (oh damn it, I am starving!) I had a good workout in the gym, but haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. And this rambling already fills the space of two pages. Going to fill my stomach, I will be ranting something else soon…